Do you have a chronic disease or situation requiring medical oversight?  Then Medical Care at Sea can be a dream come true.  We charter and or block sections of ships that allow you to be treated or rest in ultimate  privacy.  For example, some cruise lines have ship within ship concepts that allow us to give you the ultimate in privacy and care without the bulk of other guests on the ship ever seeing you in private VIP key card access areas only.

 You deserve a vacation to rest and relax.  We can put your mind at ease while you sail the seas.

A Sample of our services:

Hospice Care

‚ÄčRecovery Care

Respiratory Services
Dialysis Services
Cardiac Care
Enteral Nutrition
Post Plastic Surgery Care
Neurological Impairment
Preventive Health Care

Our Services

keeping your mind at ease while you sail the seas...

Medical Care at Sea